While larger theatre groups or film/tv productions will often have an ‘on-staff’ stage/set makeup artist, it’s not unusual for you to be expected to do your own makeup if you’re performing in a smaller group or production. In some cases, a makeup artist may ‘design’ the look for your production, and you will then be expected to recreate that look on an ongoing basis for performance. In either case, it’s essential to learn the art of applying stage makeup, and to be able to do so skillfully, and in service to the character you’re playing.

In Theatre of Arts’ aptly titled ‘Makeup’ class , instructor Kelli Zehnder ensures that students learn the basics of theatrical make up for both beauty and character, as well as the study of how the make-up is applied for film and television production.

The class focuses on several key application techiques including:

Understanding how special effects are achieved.

Aging process.

Fashion of specific historical periods.

Creation of wounds, scars and bruises.

Application of character based make up.

Basic make up techniques.

Kelli Zehnder has been doing hair and makeup professionally for all media since 1998. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Tinsel Tokyo, Newport Beach Magazine, Laguna Beach Magazine, and Playboy and she has provided hair and makeup for HealthNet, Budweiser, Match.com, Progressive Insurance, and Lezu Atelier to name a few.

Kelli has also worked with noted fashion and celebrity photographers such as Jon McKee, Howard Rosenberg, Kim Mizuno, Randy Lorentzen, Chad Alan, LUCIMA, Carlo Parducho, Kristina Sado, Robert Wilde, Nick Stern as well as models from Elite Model Management, LA Models, Otto Models, Pinkerton, No Ties Management, Willow Models, Wilhelmina, and Ford Models.