2 Week Film Workshop


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    Who is it for?

     A focused series of practical workshops for those who would like to spend two weeks working in detail on screen acting technique.   If you want to significantly improve your chances at auditions for films, television dramas, sitcoms and commercials, these workshops can take you through a substantial learning experience in a short time.


    The curriculum draws on a wide spectrum of methodologies and subscribes to the notion that there are as many methodologies as practitioners, and that in order for an actor to be truly versatile, he or she must learn how to develop a flexible systematic process that is rooted in solid fundamentals and yet malleable enough to be responsive to the ever changing needs of the industry.

    The course is delivered in eleven days over a two week period and consists of classes in fundamentals of the craft; On-Camera Comedy, On- Camera Commercial, audition technique for camera, casting director workshop and show reel project.


    The courses are taught by highly qualified and currently working actors, directors and casting directors with years of professional film and television experience.