Henry Layton

Henry began his stunt career almost 20 years ago when he attended the International Stunt School with the United Stuntman’s Association. While training there, he learned how to become a utility stuntman and mastered the art of high falls, body burns (set on fire over 350 times), precision driving, wire work, stair falls, bar room brawls, and repelling. As a weapons specialist, he fights everyday in the art of broadsword, kitana, kali double sticks, rapier & dagger, sword & shield, staff, bull whip, knife, black powder weapons, tomahawk & knife, etc.  He has spread this knowledge while working/fighting with such actors as Orlando Bloom, Andy Samberg, Vin Diesel and Hulk Hogan to name a few.
As one of the foremost performers in the motion capture industry, Henry works as the stunt coordinator and lead “mo-cap” stunt performer for Sony Motion Picture Film Studios, Walt Disney Studios (Jungle Book), and Universal Studios (Chronicles of Riddick). He is also the Producing Director for Motion Capture Performance at Motion Analysis Studios in Hollywood, CA. Some of his work can be seen in Steven Spielberg’s critically acclaimed television series FALLING SKIES on TNT, and Golden Globe winning TV show BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. Mr. Layton works in the United States and Europe making video games, you can enjoy his performances in such video games as: THE ORDER: 1886, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, SAINTS ROW, SAINTS ROW 2, SAINTS ROW THE THIRD, SAINTS ROW 4, THE PUNISHER, ENCLAVE, and KNIGHTS OF THE TEMPLE.
In his free time, he works in the Digital Media Division for the National Football League, watching football games and serving as commissioner for NFL Fantasy Football.