Michael Jury

Michael Jury studied Communications with an emphasis on Film at San Diego State University. A highlight of his educational career at SDSU occurred when he shot and produced a documentary about oversees migrant workers in the Philippines. After returning to Los Angeles in 2008 he began working at The Art Institute of Los Angeles where he began his Admissions experience meeting potential candidates for the school and preparing them for their education to assist them in creative career fields. In 2012 he moved to Charter College where his skills as an Admissions Representative were greatly needed. Michael then made the transition to Theater of Arts in 2015 and accepted the role of Manager of Enrollment Services. Michael understands the difficulties of choosing the right college and is very involved with making sure each candidate is prepared to be as successful as they can while going through the admissions process. Michael often relays personal stories about his own college experience when speaking to students, “ I lived in Los Angeles, a town that makes movies, I moved to a town that did not make movies, and learned from people who did not make movies. When I see a potential student trying to find the best place for themselves, I know what that was like and I want to be that person to help find the best place for them and their career goals.”